Waste Management Services

WWTP Services - AirestromenPT. Airestromen is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by establishing sustainable business operations, continuous improvement policies, and a work environment based on honesty and teamwork all while maintaining an efficient waste management operation. Below are PT Airestromen quality and environmental policies.


  • Maintain compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Perform our activities in a manner that prevents or minimizes damage to the environment.
  • Provide the best and most cost-effective waste management services to our clients.
  • Maintain regular communication with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, the local community, and interested third parties in order to increase awareness of environmental and quality issues.
  • Develop strong relations with the local community and support local community activities.
  • Ensure the safety of employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, visitors, and the general public by implementing appropriate safety procedures and training guidelines for operational activities and emergency situations.
  • Continue to improve our environmental and quality standards

WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant)

Our Water’s treatment facilities provide customers with portable on-site waste water handling and treatment in one package. The portable treatment plants are built by Airestromen in-house, The plants are designed and sized to efficiently handle volume requirements that vary with the population on location. We will design and build treatment units for specific customer requirements.

To ensure proper functioning and environmental protection, periodically influent and effluent sample will be sent to independent laboratory that has been designated to be analyzed. Independent laboratory effluent testing is a key component of this program.

With a focus on ease of operation, treated effluent quality, our Portable treatment plants meet or exceed existing environmental, health and safety regulations for surface release of treated waste water.

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