Renewable Energy


Currently almost all parts of Indonesia experienced problems in the electrical energy needs. With the rapid development of the national electric energy needs will increase as well. Development of rural electrification is a government assignment and PLN to electrify the entire rural communities.

To support these policies then one of the efforts made by the government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and PLN is to open up opportunities for private enterprises to play a role into electricity provider.

Hydro Project became one of our business development target that considering of electrical energy needs to electrical energy demand growth is not comparable, so the growth of new power plants is expected to be able to offset the electrical energy needs of society are increasing. The Indonesian Government is also carrying 35,000 mW Power Program to anticipate the power crisis in the future.

Other motivate is the Hydro Project is a renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, as well as improve the economy of surrounding communities directly or indirectly.

PT Airestromen first Hydro Project located in Central Java, this Project planning will be produce around 350 kWh electricity.